is a consultancy company founded in September 2013, located in Guyancourt, France.

We offer the following services:
  • Mechanical design.
    • Study new mechanism.
    • Create drawing for production.
    • Pre-sizing calculations and concept validation.

  • Geometry preparation for numerical simulation of fluids mechanics and structural mechanics.
    • Starting from 3D format, remove of unnecessary shapes and give you back a watertight surface ready for meshing.

  • Mesh generation.
    • OpenFOAM blockMeshDict.
    • OpenFOAM snappyHexMesh.
    • Surfaces mesh ready for mesher.

  • Application development.
    • extBlockMesh: extend OpenFOAM blockMesh with smoothing and snapping capability.

 Company founder, Nathanaël Geng is a mechanical designer with over eight years experience. Majors realization are:
  • Cylinder head design at PSA, France.
  • An electromechanical concept for a gas actuator for planes studied for SMA (part of Safran).
  • Injector cavitation analysis with CFD code Star-CCM+.
  • In-cylinder simulation with moving mesh and combustion analysis with CFD code Converge, Star-CD and ES-ICE.
  • Thermal simulation of automotive lighting part: rear light and turn indicator for Renault.