During the last decades the FEM, the FVM, and the FDM have become essential tools in applied science and engineering. However, in industrial applications, they are often hampered by the conversion of the computer aided design (CAD) model into a mesh adapted to the details of the geometry and to the prescribed distribution of the element size. Generating a mesh of the model can represent the ninety percent of the analysis time. We offer services in the following tasks: 

  • Geometry de-featuring. The details not relevant to the analysis being performed are removed. 
  • Geometry healing. The CAD model is repaired in order to obtain a watertight geometry of the domain to analyze: rebuilding missing curves and surfaces; eliminating duplicated entities; and matching points, curves and surfaces properly. 

Geometry de-featuring

  • Remove fillets.
  • Remove smalls holes and faces.
  • Extract fluid volume.
Example of propeller geometry. This geometry is coming from GrabCAD.
See this geometry meshed with OpenFOAM blockMesh in Full hexahedral Meshing.

Example of gear box. This geometry is coming from GrabCAD.

Geometry healing

  • Add missing shapes
  • Close volume
Example of sport car. This geometry is coming from GrabCAD.

See this geometry meshed by snappyHexMesh from OpenFOAM in Complex geometry meshing.